March 12th – Combine Begins
March 22nd – 11:59 PM Pacific – Last time to submit combine screen shots MUST HAVE 5 TO QUALIFY FOR DRAFT

Combine: There are 2 options for the combine. You can choose to create your own teams or you be put on teams by the active GMs in Discord to match up with other combine teams. GMs are required to put together a mininum of 7 combine teams. 3 players cannot play on the same combine team more than 2 times. Every player is required to play a minimum of 5 Combine games with other WR Select players vs WR Select players to be draft eligible. Box scores from the winning team are to be submitted to active GMs who will submit them for stats tracking. This is to ensure duplicate games are not submitted and that GMs are actively part of the combine process. If a game is counted more than once on the website, it WILL be deleted. It is up to you to make sure you actually played 5 games, do not rely on a duplicate game counting. The rest of the combine rules are here