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  4. GM’s Needed!

Twitter: @_TreyJay
Twitch: JayDaKidd
Discord: JayDaKidd

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available: Mornings, Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Small Forward
Primary Archetype: Driving & Finishing
Secondary Archetype: Shot Creating

Other Positions:
SG – Slashing Sharpshooter

NBA Player Comparison: – Chris Webber
– Pascal Siakam

Competitive Proam Experience:
– Played in WR for 2 seasons
– Played in WR Select Season 1 Finals (on XB1)

About yourself:
In between working and school, I was playing game modes similar to ProAm since NBA 2K11 on the Crew Mode everyday for multiple hours. I love playing a more organized game mode on 2K where as a team we had to truly strategize in order to win. To this present day, I played countless hours on Pro Am, trying to learn and master everything I can so that I can be the best at the game mode. I want to do anything I could to help my team win, including taking in many criticisms in order to make myself better, so that I can contribute. After losing in the final game of the finals in Season 1, I don’t want anything less than to help me and my team become champions.

WR Select

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