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  1. About WR Select
  2. Season 8 Combine has begun!
  3. Season 9 Player Registration is now open!
  4. GM’s Needed!
  • Twitter Handle:WTAG_Im_Ready
  • Twitch Username:mrhimimready
  • Discord Username:WTAG_Im_Ready
  • Days Available:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Times Available:Mornings, Nights
  • Main Player Information:
  • Position:Center
  • Primary Skill:Driving & Finishing
  • Secondary Skill:Rebounding
  • Other Player(s) Information:
  • List other Players/Positions used along with Archetypes in the space provided. One Line Per Player/Position:Pg sharpplay
    Sg sharpdefender
    Sf slashing shot
  • What NBA player(s) would you compare yourself to:Jordan
  • List any Competitive 2K Pro Am Experience and Accolades:Lot of 2k been played
  • Tell us about yourself:Positive energy, comp

WR Select


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