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Twitter: @slowpitchlefty
Twitch: SlowPitchLefty
Discord: SlowPitchLefty#5564

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available: Mornings, Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Power Forward
Primary Archetype: 3PT Shooting
Secondary Archetype: Shot Creating

Other Positions:
SF Pure Slasher 6’8 87 ovr.

NBA Player Comparison: Nikola Mirotic.

Competitive Proam Experience:
MCPA Seasons 1&2
Geekletes Dallas Area Live Comp League

About yourself:
I am a youth and high school level coach. I have good knowledge of the game and love the competitiveness of playing. I am a strategist and always prefer to watch film as a team via group calls or video chat. I can play defense in any set and I know when and how to switch. Offensively I can handle going 1 on 1 or playing in many different sets. I can be the role player or help the team by scoring if the match ups present themselves. I can handle criticism and embrace it due to the fact that it helps me and our team become better players.

WR Select

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