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Twitter: @@TvSlapz
Twitch: RicoSlapzTv
Discord: RicoSlapzTv

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Times Available: Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Shooting Guard
Primary Archetype: 3PT Shooting
Secondary Archetype: 3PT Shooting

Other Positions:
pure sharp is my only build as I am grinding to 99. will be 99 around March 15th according to my calculations.

NBA Player Comparison: Klay Thompson. 3 and D

Competitive Proam Experience:
7-3 in current WR season with SlapzSquad WR. I own the team. we were top 75 before our recent reset in the winter season. on February 9th I had 21 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and a block in a 9 point loss against Camera Flexin.

Also will be 99 overall in about 5 weeks as I have previously stated.

About yourself:
I was a Division 2 full scholarship basketball player before getting two knee surgeries in 3 months in June of 2017 and September of 2017. I stopped playing real basketball and had to take my love for basketball and competitive personality elsewhere. so far ProAm and the 99 overall grind is helping to satisfy that itch to play again. I personally played prep school basketball at Putnam Science Academy in Connecticut and was teammates with current Oklahoma City Thunder guard Hamidou Diallo. the list can go on and on with the high major d1/ Nba players I have played with/against. I own a Clothing Company Elevate Attire, and we sponsor SlapzSquad. I own that business with fellow business partner, New York Met and best friend, Gavin Garay. I am in college fulltime and go to class Mondays and Thursdays at western Connecticut state university. My long term goal is to make a living off Twitch and YouTube with 2k and lifestyle content as well as growing my Clothing business.

WR Select

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