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  1. About WR Select
  2. Season 8 Combine has begun!
  3. Season 9 Player Registration is now open!
  4. GM’s Needed!
  • Twitter Handle:@_imProphet
  • Twitch Username:prodigy_tp
  • Discord Username:Prodigy TP#4401
  • Days Available:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Times Available:Evenings, Nights
  • Main Player Information:
  • Position:Shooting Guard
  • Primary Skill:Shot Creating
  • Secondary Skill:3PT Shooting
  • Other Player(s) Information:
  • List other Players/Positions used along with Archetypes in the space provided. One Line Per Player/Position:PG – Sharpshooting Playmaker
    SG – Sharpshooting Defender
    PF – Pure Stretch 4
    C – Sharpshooting Rim Protector
    C – Pure Glass Cleaner
  • What NBA player(s) would you compare yourself to:Brandon Roy
    Andre Drummond
    Paul George
  • List any Competitive 2K Pro Am Experience and Accolades:Played in WR for 2 seasons
    Played in WR Select Season 2
    Played in SL2K for 2 seasons
    Played in Showcase 2K for 2 seasons
  • Tell us about yourself:Team oriented individual who isn’t afraid of criticism in order to get better. Plays overall defense as well as not being limited by my build

WR Select

XB1 Season 2Austin Rattlesnakes11212.01010.
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