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Twitter: @OG_MartyBrock
Twitch: ogmartybrock
Discord: OG MartyBrock#9278

Days Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available: Afternoons, Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Center
Primary Archetype: Defending
Secondary Archetype: Defending

Other Positions:
C- Pure Rim
SG- Pure Slasher
C- Slashing Post scorer

NBA Player Comparison: Pure Slasher = DeMar DeRozen
Pure Rim = Clint Capela

Competitive Proam Experience:
Played in MPBA for 2 Seasons in 2k18
Played several comp games against known MPBA & WR teams this year but haven’t actually played in the leagues yet this year.

About yourself:
I’m a sophomore at Central Michigan University. I play al sorts of different video games in my spare time but mostly 2k.

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