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Twitch: realbeaniedavis
Discord: realbeaniedavis|TTT

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available: Mornings, Afternoons, Nights

Primary Position: Small Forward
Primary Archetype: 3PT Shooting
Secondary Archetype: Driving & Finishing

Other Positions:
PG- Playmaking Shot Creator

NBA Player Comparison: Paul George

Competitive Proam Experience:
Owner of Take The Throne competing in my 2nd SL2K season.

About yourself:
I’m pretty chill, laid back guy that hopped in the pro am scene on 2k18. I’m very vocal on the court. I only speak positive vibes into those around me. I am an attentive person, so I always listen to criticism. I know when and how to step up into a leadership role if needed.

WR Select

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