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Twitter: @Danger 2K
Twitch: BiteableDangerr
Discord: BiteableDangerr

Days Available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Times Available: Afternoons, Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Shooting Guard
Primary Archetype: Passing & Ball Handling
Secondary Archetype: 3PT Shooting

Other Positions:
SF- pure point forward
SG- pure shot creator
PG- playmaking sharpshooter

NBA Player Comparison: Steve Nash, Luka Donic, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, etc

Competitive Proam Experience:
MPBA, WR seasons for the last two 2k releases. I’ve played in several tournaments and had minor success.

About yourself:
I love to win and am a competitor. At times I try too hard to get everyone involved. I am a floor general at heart but can play any position at a competitive level.

WR Select

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