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Preferred Position
Preferred Archetype
Offensive Threat
What NBA player(s) would you compare yourself to? Why?
Steph Curry I don’t care about the situation I just want to keep my team in a position to win. I don’t like shooting us out of a game. I also have no problem getting the ball to a scorer if I’m not the scorer in a particular game or series. I’m very unselfish and I want what’s ever best for the team.
List any Competitive 2K Pro Am Experience and Accolades
No accolades. I’ve played in WR and next up as well as sl2k. My teams were not up to standard this 2k. I’m used to doing everything myself.
Tell us about yourself
I want to win Idc how that happens as long as it’s not cheating or glitching I’m wit it. Idc if I have to be a backup or bench player I just want to win!!! I have a pretty stressful job. My hobbies Are I make music. But as of right here in this lg I want to win and I want to win extremely bad!!!

WR Select

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