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Twitter: @King Clutch
Twitch: ClutchDAGoat
Discord: ClutchTG_

Days Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Times Available: Afternoons, Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Shooting Guard
Primary Archetype: Shot Creating
Secondary Archetype: Driving & Finishing

Other Positions:

NBA Player Comparison: DeMar DeRozan with a better jump shot or Bradley Beal with contact dunks

Competitive Proam Experience:
Played in WR 2015-2018
Drafted in Round 6 of the WR Select Season 1

About yourself:
My player is positioned at the point guard but I am a combo guard. I can play the 1 or the 2. I usually find myself playing the 2 Guard often, but when locks guard the point guard and the team needs another playmaker, that’s when I step in. I compare myself to Bradley Beal or DeMar DeRozan because there are times I can play the 2 or 3 scoring option. I can shoot corner shots and some perimeter shots. I have no problem carrying the offensive load of necessary. I am a voice. During games I will always be vocal and make sure everything is going smooth. I coach basketball in real life, so I run some plays that can break the 2-3 (Two Locks up top). Some people sleep on my build because I am not a sharp or lock or playmaker. But my player can do it all. I have a 79 open shot 3, 81 ball control, 85 driving dunk, 80 contact dunk. My myplayer has all his badges plus Alpha Dog, 94 overall soon be 95 and my rebuild will be a 6’10 Shot Creating Stretch 4. I’m perfect for any team because I can play any role. I can play starting guard, or off the bench. Small ego. I’ve played with many ELeaguers who told me that they were surprised how good I did with my build. Promise I’m worth it. Give me an opportunity and you won’t regret it.

WR Select

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