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  1. About WR Select
  2. Season 8 Combine has begun!
  3. Season 9 Player Registration is now open!
  4. GM’s Needed!

Twitter: @aka215NP
Twitch: aka215NP
Discord: aka215NP (XB)

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available: Evenings, Nights

Primary Position: Shooting Guard
Primary Archetype: Defending
Secondary Archetype: Shot Creating

Other Positions:
SG- Shot Creator Sharpshooter 90ovr
SF- Lockdown Defender 88ovr

NBA Player Comparison: SG – Shot Creator Defender (Kwahi Leonard)
SG- Shot Creator Sharpshooter ( James Harden)
SF- Lockdown Defender (Dennis Rodman)

Competitive Proam Experience:
Played WR Select 1st season (Drafted 7th rd FL Panthers)

About yourself:
2nd yr of competive 2K
Hopes to build a resume to play in the 2k League
Become a better player in proam 2K

WR Select

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