About WR Select

WR Select is the premier NBA 2K Pro-Am Draft league. We provide a quality draft league experience for the player, fans, and General Managers. The general managers of WR Select and their staff have vast knowledge of the pro-am competitive community with years of experience. General Managers run the entire operation of a WR Select owned Franchise. The Players enter the draft pool and play open gyms, combine, and then private workouts/interviews in attempt to impress general managers and get drafted. The franchises then compete for the championship.

WR Select is owned and operated by WR Pro-Am League. All league correspondence and announcements occur on Twitter @WRProAmLeague. WR has no affiliation with 2K or the NBA.

Season 3 Combine Begins June 26th!

The WR Select Season Combine will run from June 26, 2019 through July 10, 2019. GMs, coaches and scouts will be watching all combine streams to get to know this season’s prospects. All stats will be kept so please bring your A game! Please read the rules and instructions for the combine below!

  1. Players must create teams of 5 by themselves with other combine players. GMs and WR Admin team will help if necessary. Only players who have registered and paid for WR Select can play in the combine
  2. Players must use their registered positions/archetypes during combine. Listed other positions also may be used.
  3. After combine teams have established their 5, they must match up with other combine teams in the player pool.
  4. If a lag out occurs finish the game. No restarts. If entire team is lagged out restart the game at 0-0.
  5. One player and ONLY one player from the winning team must submit the box score for each game. Losing team does not submit. Communicate with teammates who will submit the box score!
  6. A minimum of 3 combine games is required to be eligible for the draft but more can be played to help others get their games in. 
  7. If you do not play a minimum of 3 combine games you will not be eligible to be drafted.
  8. If a game is counted more than once on the website, it WILL be deleted. It is up to you to make sure you actually played 3 games, do not rely on a duplicate game counting.
  9. All combine games must be streamed by at least one player on each team. Twitch link must be posted in your WR Select live stream channel for your console so that GMs, scouts, and admin may view. Also all games must be archived.

If you have not registered as a prospect for Season 3 then you can do so here Select.wr-league.com/player-applications


WR Select Season 2 for PS4/XB1 Registration is now open for both General Managers and Players! We are bringing a brand new experience for NBA 2K19 with 24 WR Select owned franchises and we are wanting some of our community’s best talent to represent these teams. Sign up now for the opportunity to play with the best and lead them to a WR Select Championship. Please make sure you thoroughly read and understand the Rules. General Managers Register here! Players Register here!